Every business transaction is performed to earn a profit. This profit is surplus, which is left after the transaction, and the bottom line of every business is to earn a profit.

23 April 2025

Features of Business

A reasonable profit

A reasonable profit is the aim of every business. Without profit, the business would not be able to function and sustain in the market.

23 April 2025

Features of Business

In the case of services

Not only that but the profit has to be continuous and is to be generated month on month. Profit grows the business and inevitably grows employees as well as society. Better the profitability, better are the chances of business growth.

23 April 2025

Features of Business

In order to survive:

In order to survive, the business needs to utilize multiple resources right from natural resources to monetary to people. These days businesses have realized their responsibility, and they are not only after consuming the resources, but they have also started to give the society back through their Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives.

Fulfilling needs of Customers

Business is about producing and supplying the goods and services which are essential for the customers. Customers have various needs and want, and the sole purpose of businesses is to fulfill those needs by providing various assortment of products and services.

Customers should not be presented with only one product, but it is essential that they should be given multiple varieties of the same product.

Economic growth

For example, if the requirement of the customer is a 4GB Ram phone with 12 MP Camera, and if the only available option is an iPhone, it will be a major disappointment for the customer. In such a case, the company will form a monopoly which may not go very well with customers.

This is why multiple companies strive to fulfill the demands of the customer. Fulfilling the needs of the customers is the feature, necessity, and characteristic of every business. Liked this post? Check out these detailed articles on Topic of Marketing Alternatively, check out the Marketing91 Academy, which provides you access to 10+ marketing courses and 100s of Case studies.

Features of Business

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Features of Business


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