Why Cheap Airfare Tickets Are Tricky To Find

Is it still possible, even in this day of skyrocketing fuel prices, to find cheap airfare tickets? The answer is yes but only if you know what you’re looking for as well as how to find it. The truth is that finding cheap airfare tickets is quite tricky—here’s why.


  1. Travel agents and travel sites look for listings on the central reservation system. This is updated several times during the day. Unfortunately, updates from the major airlines do not arrive at the same time which is why different searches may have different results.


  1. Airlines regularly change prices based on their competition. For instance, if one airline flying the Miami-New York route drops rates by 15%, chances are that other airlines—if not all of them—will sell cheaper tickets too so they don’t give that certain airline the competitive advantage. In other words, one airline’s price behavior can influence what the rest will do.


  1. Different airlines use different systems, and each has its own algorithm. This is why if you do a search for the lowest possible fare on one website and then do a search on another website, it is highly possible for you to end up with different fares than what you were given earlier, for the same flight!


  1. Demand lowers or jacks up prices. This is why it’s cheaper for you to fly on weekdays or during odd hours because fewer people travel then.


  1. Ticket prices themselves change incredibly fast. Prices for certain flights may go down or up in the second it takes you to enter your credit card information!


These are only some of the reasons finding cheap airfare tickets is no walk in the park. But if you persevere and if you know what to look for and where, you can lock in on the best deals every time you need to fly!