Trip Planning The Kind Of Trip You Want

Choosing your destination…. that’s the very first step in trip planning.  It’s obvious, and it may seem simple, but let’s take a look at the things you need to think about as you do your trip planning and make your decision.

Some of these things will be running in the background of your head when you’re choosing your destination, but just so you don’t make any mistakes, let’s list some of the major concerns.

You have some vacation time.  Is that a set time of year that you can’t change?  The time of year will play a role in choosing your destination.  Do you want to go some place where it’s hot so you can sit on the beach?  ….Or cold so you can ski?  Are you planning it around a festival or trying to avoid crowds?  Do you want to take a cruise?

Do you want to be active… skiing or hiking?  …Or do you just want to sit and relax? Go sightseeing, explore museums or shop?  Or do you want to have the options to go either way.  Do you have kids or other family members to consider?  It’s always good to make this a family decision.

And speaking of others… do you want to travel on your own or join a tour group where everything is planned for you?

How long is the vacation time?  If you only have a week, that will limit what you can do.  If you have two or three weeks or even more, you have far more options when choosing your destination.  You can go further, plan for more activities… or more relaxing time.  Some people say it takes a week to unwind… so even if you just want to relax for a few days, you may need more than a week to get into that relaxed zone.

Choosing a destination that offers a relaxing venue will help… a beach, a spa, a cabin on a nice quiet lake.  For some people, shopping is relaxing… it wouldn’t be for me.

Another factor we all have to take into account is money.  If you’re rolling in it, the sky is the limit when choosing your destination… you can go to Europe and stay in castles; go to Africa and fly from safari camp to safari camp; go to Asia or Australia or Antarctica!  You can go to all of those places on a budget too, but it takes more planning and legwork on your part.

You can economize and go camping… or even (if they’ll invite you) stay with friends or relatives.  Do you want to go by car, train or plane?  I have a friend that will not fly and will not float… that definitely limits your options.

So where will it be?  I know I haven’t given you any destinations to choose from.  That would take some of the fun out of it.  Where would you like to go?  What would you like to do?

Part of the fun of any vacation adventure is dreaming about your options, so give all these factors some thought, and get closer to choosing your destination.  This is the dreaming part of trip planning… next we’ll get to how you find information to flesh out these