The Don’ts of Taking a Vacation in Bangkok

Thailand is a great country. The people are warm and are always smiling. The city of Bangkok and other metropolises are enjoyable to visit. The international beach resorts that can be found anywhere in the country are a treat. But then again, even in the best of countries, there are things that can make your vacation far less enjoyable. Know these things beforehand and you can ensure that you will have a great time in Thailand.

Do not fall for the tuk tuks. There are probably thousands of them in Bangkok so it is really hard for foreigners to resist what they offer. Thing is, while not all tuk tuks are out there to get you, most of them are. Beware, you are warned. Do not take a tuk tuk if you can help it. They could always give you that displeasing experience.

Do not ride a taxi if it’s not metered. No matter how convincing the taxi driver is, insist that he turns the meter on before you take a ride with him. This will keep you sane. Some taxi drivers, like the tuk tuks, are out there to get your money and not give you the right service. If the driver does not show you the meter, leave and call another one. Taxis are possibly among the cheapest modes of transportation in Bangkok, but when they give you their inflated rates, they are the easiest way to make you feel cheated by the locals.

Do not talk to con artists and scammers. Use common sense. If you are in your country and someone approaches you to give you some form of help, what would you do? What makes it any different in Thailand? Thailand is generally a safe country. Bangkok is too. But there are always those opportunists who would scam you because you do not look like you’re from around the area. So beware.

Do not lose your temper with traffic jams. Well, there really is no point in losing your temper while stuck in traffic, especially in Bangkok. Traffic jams are a daily occurrence in the city. Bangkok is world-renowned for its problematic traffic so expect the roads to be packed during rush hours. If you are bothered by this, just think to yourself, it’s a cheap way to see the city. Slow mo.

Do not wear masks all the time. Like in every city, except in highly polluted ones in India and maybe China, it is generally considered rude to wear masks in public. The air in Bangkok is not as polluted as people say so take precautions when wearing face masks. You may hurt the locals’ sensibilities if you do.

Do not force your way with the Formula 1 drivers. Drivers in Thailand do not generally love driving fast, but public transportation drivers do drive extremely fast. Maybe to get to another customer, who knows. The general rule of thumb is to fasten your seatbelt. If you hired your own car, try to give way to these drivers. If you are crossing the streets, which are generally very safe, it always pays to look both ways to avoid some surprises.