Get Your Air Tickets Cheap

The cheapest way to get air tickets used to be to fly “stand by”. This meant that you went all the way to the airport, stood at the gate (there was no “security” back then), and waited to see if the plane was full. If it wasn’t, they sold you a cut rate ticket. It was ideal for people who were flexible in their travel and it also filled the empty seats for the airlines. Getting air tickets cheap is not that easy anymore. In fact, if you want to fly within a two week window, you will end up paying more than anyone else on the plane!

Flying is expensive enough these days without having to pay for extras like checking your bags and getting a few extra inches of legroom. You actually have to pay extra to sit in the exit rows of some airlines now! If you want to board early, get a snack on board, or fly at a particular time of the day, you end up paying more, too.

Getting air tickets cheap is something of an art and one that you can learn if you get your information from the right people. You might think that you are getting a super deal on your ticket if you are paying less than buying it from the airline directly, but that doesn’t mean that you are paying the least amount possible.

There are now insider secrets available that will help you get air tickets cheap, no matter where or when you plan on travelling. These secrets are the same ones that the airlines don’t want you to know and that a travel agent will never share with you. They give you access to some of the best fares possible and will enable you to finally fly without worrying if you paid too much.