European Budget Travel – Flying within Europe

Flying within Europe is surprisingly affordable for numerous budget travelers to get around. Quite a few first time travelers to Europe, and some seasoned travelers as well, are surprised to realize just how affordable it is to fly around Europe.

Quite a few budget travelers assume that a multi-city European vacation is beyond their means, but that is frequently not the truth. The wide variety of budget airlines that have sprung up in Europe in recent years have dropped the normal cost of airfare between quite a few major European urban centers. In some cases, the cost of coach airfare between major European hubs like London and Amsterdam is cheaper than a comparable to start with or possibly even second class train ticket.

And needless to say flying between cities is less time consuming than taking the train or driving yourself, and that suggests a longer period to explore the places you”ve always had an ambition to see, along with more money to pay out once you get there.

The cornerstone to obtaining the best airfares, both from the US to destinations in Europe, and between European destinations, is to shop around and compare carefully. Almost all major American airliners have partnerships with one or more European airlines, and consequently it is oftentimes possible to shop airfares between European cities from the web sites of these airlines.

In addition, the major European only airlines all have their own websites, and virtually all provide access to internet booking and confirmation as well. This makes it easy to line up all your airfare prior to leaving the United States. This is a considered an indispensable service, since it is often more difficult, and more high priced, to book airline tickets or train tickets once you”ve arrived in Europe.

The alternative of European urban centers you arrange to visit can also have a major impact on airfare between destinations. Nearly all of the low cost European commercial airlines are based in London, so it is often considerably less expensive to fly from London than to fly from many other major European urban centers. As a consequence, a lot of budget travelers opt to make London their primary destination, and to take two and three day trips from there to the places they have always had an urge to see.

While it is workable to get great deals from other European gateways, it is sometimes more hard than flying to and from London. Just as American airlines have their own individual major gateways, such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta, so too do budget European airlines. Planning your visit around these hub cites is often the best method to have the minimum possible airfares between European cities.