Cheap Cultural Travel To Yogyakarta Indonesia

The cheapest region of the world is Southeast Asia. Nowhere will your dollar stretch further than in popular tourist destinations like Southeast Asia. The Cheapest destinations in the World. Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam. Vietnam is another country that suffers from bad associations with its past, but the current country is often sited as one of the best travel destinations on the globe.

The roads in Bangkok and Phuket have long been popular with foreigners, and have remained surprisingly affordable. Laos and Malaysia are the up and comers to the tourist game in Southeast Asia, but they will likely be cheap travel destinations for years to come.

Cultural Vacation in Yogyakarta Indonesia

Travelers looking for exciting cheap destinations outside of the world-famous beaches of Indonesia should check out the rich cultural heritage of Yogyakarta. Yogyakarta is the perfect location if you are interested in exploring Javanese culture in the forms of traditional dance, music, poetry shadow puppet shows and interesting local art scene, among many others. There are also plenty of appealing attractions in the area such as splendid Buddhist temples and monuments, impressive traditional architecture and interesting museums. It is also a great place for shopping where you can be sure to bag plenty of great finds.

The Borobur Temple, A UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a must-visit in Yogyakarta. Its majestic sprawl makes it the largest Buddhist monument in the world. It dates back to the 8th century and is built out of colossal blocks of stones. Its gigantic bell-shaped shrine at the center, also known as a stupa, surrounded by smaller versions is one of the most iconic sights in the country. An exploration of the complex will show you exquisitely carved stone reliefs depicting the life and enlightenment of the Buddha. The view from the higher portions of the large pyramid-like structure is spectacular as well especially during sunrise.

Another UNESCO World Heritage Site that is also worth visiting in the area is the splendid architectural prize of Yogkarta, the Prambanan Temple. Its beginnings can be traced back to the 9th century and it still stands majestically to this day. This temple-complex of about 240 temples is in an impressive well-preserved state considering that it has been standing for thousands of years.

A walking tour of the area is worthwhile to see more of the intricate carvings and remarkable architectural design of the temples. If you happen to visit between the months of May to October, a visit at night is a must to catch the magical performance of the Ramayana ballet which is made even better by the illuminated silhouette of the towering temples at the background.

Your Yogyakarta experience will not be complete without watching an interesting Wayang Kulit performance. Wayang Kulit is the traditional shadow puppet play popular in Indonesia. The stories told through the puppets made out of polished buffalo leather provide a rich insight to Javanese culture. It is also a great form of entertainment and the gamelan orchestra that accompanies the puppet show also makes for an interesting experience for the musically-inclined.

The best place to catch a Shadow Puppet performance is at the Sonobudoyo Museum located within the complex of the Sri Sultanís Palace. You might want to come early before the performance so that you can also explore the palace grounds to learn a little about the life of the country’s royalty. You ca also check out the Cerme Cave Walisongo to take a look at the remarkable stalactite and stalagmite formations.

There are also smaller caves located nearby that are also worth taking a look at. These caves share an interesting history and religious significance. Finally, Yogyakarta is also a great base for several day trip destinations such as the stunning coastal attractions of Parangtritis, the bustling port of Semarang and its charming Dutch colonial village, as well as the nearby Solo and the magnificent palaces of Kraton Surakarta and Puri Mangkunegaran, among many others.