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Dominican Republic Holiday And Places To Go To

Set right in the middle of the Caribbean Island, the Dominican Republic is a true paradise that will appeal to many kinds of tourists. That’s why Dominican Republic holidays are very much popular. Whether you are a thrill seeker or

Dominican Republic Holidays And Festivals

The holidays and festivals in the Dominican Republic are some of the most prestigious and festive celebrations in the whole world. The pageantry, lively music, garish costumes, and the happy disposition of its locals all contribute to the ebullience of

How To Plan A Dominican Republic Holiday Adventure?

A good vacation needs good planning. To get the most out of your Dominican Republic Holiday trip and avoid problems, make sure that you have prepared for the trip at least a month before your scheduled vacation. Planning includes getting

Holidays In Dominican Republic – Live Music, Festivities, Joyous Parades

Holidays in the Dominican Republic are as varied and as colorful as the country’s history. Most revolve around religion and are celebrated with live music, festivities, and joyous parades. January The Dominicans kick off their year on the first day