Budget Travel Basics

The world of budget travel is often full of excitement and appeal, and in our expensive world nowadays traveling on a budget is turning into a necessity if you want to travel at all. It is essential to keep expenses low when traveling, whether you’re traveling alone touring a foreign country for the first time, or a family with a car filled with children and luggage on the way to the beach or an amusement park.

If you want to go the lower cost route while traveling, it’s surely a good plan to establish a travel budget. Determine the approximate costs and place the different elements of your trip on a priority list, such as hotels, flights, car rent, visit the sights and attractions, food and gas. If you have a good idea of what you’ll spend on each part of your journey, then you need to start shopping around for the best deals.


When it comes time for you to establish a budget for travel, you should first prioritize by deciding what is most important to you and what you can cut down on. Instance, while some travelers would rather spend more on a higher class of accommodations, others would rather save money by staying at lower priced hotels or motels to spend more on sightseeing or on their food budget for the family.

Once you have prioritized the elements of your trip, begin researching what the best deals are. Often, discounted admission prices for attractions, the most common and easiest to find, since many theme parks, museums and other attractions run specials to draw tourists.

To get big discounts on local attractions, the best place to start is the Internet, especially your homepage to whatever attraction you want to visit. Often you will find bargains online, such as two-for-one deals, free admission for children, special reduced admission days, even discounts on food and lodging.

There are other ways to get big discounts. If you’re in the military, a senior or a member of an organization like AAA, you will discover that there are many discounts available to you.